Stately Wentwood 44' x 20' - RESERVED

PLOT 12 - Brand new 44' X 20' show home ~ Stately Wentwood

Stately Wentwood

Park Home Details

The Stately Wentwood park home truly is a testament to Park Homes. The designers and modern manufacturing practices have gone all out to produce a fabulous park home both with its interior and exterior.

A combination of render and cladding has been applied to the exterior of the Wentwood which helps emphasise its features and defines its character. The interior benefits from a mixture of vaulted and flat ceilings combined with large windows throughout to give you that light and spacious homely feel you've been looking for.

As with all park homes through Starglade Parks, there’s a wide range of packages to choose from to help make your home unique to you.


Brand new 44' X 20' show home ~ Stately Wentwood Brand new 44' X 20' show home ~ Stately Wentwood Brand new 44' X 20' show home ~ Stately Wentwood


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Park Home Living

Park Home Living

Park Home Living

Comfortable & Modern

Do you long to escape the pressures of town life and the responsibilities of a large house? An affordable, attractively designed, detached Park Home could be the answer. Starglade Park Homes are perfectly designed for the mature homebuyer. They offer a secure, relaxed and affordable way of living for the over 45's, within a friendly and established community of like-minded people.